Export and Procurement

We are to make a mission for our partners, we want to build a profitable way of expanding your business, reducing your risks and dependence on the local market. However we will help you to make difference between you and your competitors with innovative and original products. Our offer take in account to optimum of the two main factors of any commercial activity : Quality and Price.

Our portfolio contain a wide range of products that touch the retail industry but also we are opened for any proposal to help another companies and organizations to improve their businesses and achieve their goals whatever they are.

Our offer concentrate on :

We have a solid logistic system and we have strong partners who have a well built network of contacts that will make easy the supply of your chain and maintain your warehouse in balance to satisfy the demanded and the deeply needs of your customers.

We are all striving to satisfy this customer, who is the key of our success. We are highly sensitive for the international market stakes and the development of Marketing tools, so it make us the true partner of your success.

We are happy to hear from you soon ..