Fashion and Accessories

The T&A sector is positioned as a cornerstone of the Tunisian industry and keeps a prominent place in the national economy while maintaining a strong contribution to the socio-economic balance of Tunisia. It is divided into six industries as follows :

  • spinning
  • weaving
  • finishing
  • hosiery
  • clothing
  • various industries (accessories…)

Thanks to multiple assets, these activities in Tunisia are increasingly competitive in the region and make the Tunisian site more favourable to foreign direct investment :

  • Geographical proximity to Europe facilitating the just-in-time
  • Good quality level consistent with the requirements of contractors;
  • Short and respected delivery deadlines, high responsiveness to small series and to replenishment ;
  • Competitive production costs ;
  • Skilled human resources and confirmed know-how ;
  • support and training facilities ;
  • Modernization and computerization programme ;
  • Compliance with social and environmental standards.

A Confirmed Know-how and short and respected Deadlines

Tunisian manufacturers are able to supply the European market (and sometimes the Gulf and North African countries) in a few days thanks to a favourable geographical proximity.

A number of Tunisian manufacturers are starting to specialize in certain niche markets that require know-how and high technical skills, such as high end underwear or high technology textile, which is used in the automotive and aviation industries for security or medical purposes