Full Trackload Shipping


Our full truckload service is based in digital freight management at the forefront of the industry, matching loads to carriers for rapid, automated freight movements, and our brokerage experts stand behind our service. They understand the business inside and out, and will work with you to make sure you’re satisfied.

Carthage Arts and Deals FTL network is a reliable source of quality drivers and equipment:. We have rigorous processes in place to monitor carrier safety ratings, insurance qualifications and operating authorities, and our rating engine produces electronic scorecards that inform the selection process.


Huge truckload capacity – Over 25,000 partnered carriers worldwide.

Multimodal capacity – Independent contractors for LTL, drayage, last mile and expedite

Cross-border freight – US shipping and Canada, with point-of-discharge options and warehousing in Europe and Africa

Intelligent Softwares – Best carrier match sourced by technology, based on load characteristics and destinations

Strict carrier standards – Electronic carrier scoring for safety ratings, insurances and operating authorities

Business insights – Access to actionable data about lanes, pricing and market conditions