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Green clay is the most popular of the clays. She is part of the illite family. Green illite clay is the most absorbent of the clays, it cleanses and purifies oily and blemish-prone skin. It is ideal for preparing masks, poultices, and wraps. This clay is essential!

MOQ : 25 Kilograms

Red clay has long been used by women for their beauty treatments and to make their make-up. This clay rich in iron oxide restores luminosity to dull complexions and reduces small redness. Its stimulating bright red color will brighten up your beauty treatments. It is ideal in your mask preparations to detoxify and revive dull skin, or to color your soaps.

Pink clay: Par excellence, the beauty remedy for sensitive skin. Since the dawn of time, women have used pink clay for their beauty. They understood the tremendous potential of this 100% natural soft rock from clay pits. This mineral comes in many colors and, this time around, pink clay is in the spotlight to help dry hair and sensitive, irritated, dull and redness-prone skin feel better.

This product is available for MOQ of 25 kilograms.