Green Clay blended

Green clay is the most popular of the clays. She is part of the illite family. Green illite clay is the most absorbent of the clays, it cleanses and purifies oily and blemish-prone skin. It is ideal for preparing masks, poultices, and wraps. This clay is essential!

MOQ : 25 Kilograms



Method of obtaining :
Extraction from a natural quarry, crushing, fine grinding. The green illite clay is dried in an oven at over 350 ° C for 20 minutes. This process makes it possible to obtain a clay with a very low microbiological load.

Function :
Cosmetic ingredient for the formulation of masks, poultices, powders, soaps …

Benefits and properties : detox, purifying and sebum-regulating

Quality : 100% natural origin, unwashed to retain all its mineral wealth, non-ionized.
Regular analyzes show the absence of contamination by PCBs and dioxins and compliance with heavy metal levels (<20 ppm). This clay does not contain quartz.

INCI designation : Illite

Composition : Hydrated aluminum silicate

Organoleptic properties
– Appearance: fine powder
– Color: light green
– Odor: neutral

Cation exchange capacity : about 22 meq / 100 g

Composition On average :

Si2O: 42.6%
Al2O3: 25.5%
Fe2O3: 8.5%
Na2O: 3.0%
K2O: 7.1%
CaO: 8.2%
MgO: 3.5%
Ti2O: 0.8%
P2O5: 0.2%
MnO: 0.1%

Storage conditions : Store away from air, humidity and light.