Moroccan Red Clay

Red clay has long been used by women for their beauty treatments and to make their make-up. This clay rich in iron oxide restores luminosity to dull complexions and reduces small redness. Its stimulating bright red color will brighten up your beauty treatments. It is ideal in your mask preparations to detoxify and revive dull skin, or to color your soaps.



Illite-type red clay is extracted from natural quarries and then undergoes mechanical treatment, without any chemical process. It is crushed and dried. The powder grains are then sorted by an elaborate and innovative process of selection by suction.

Cosmetic ingredient for the formulation of masks, poultices, powders, soaps …

100% natural origin, non-irradiated

Native country
INCI designation
Illite, kaolinite
Hydrated aluminum silicate

Organoleptic properties
– Appearance: fine powder
– Color: red to orange-brown
– Odor: neutral

Granulometry : <150 μm
Composition : High purity ore: more than 80% illite type clay, kaolinite.

On average :

SiO2: 48.1%
Al2O3: 26.4%
Fe2O3: 9.0%
K2O: 7.8%
TiO2: 1.0%
CaO: 1.3%
MgO: 3.2%
Na2O: 2.7%
MnO: 0.1%
P2O5: 0.1%
Storage conditions : Store away from air, humidity and light.

MOQ : 25 kilograms