Carthagian Mosaic Art

About The Project

Since ancient times we find several traces of mosaics in Tunisia. The Carthaginian period left many mosaics illustrating period portraits .

The mosaics also retraced passages from the daily life of the period (hunting, war, festivals, etc.). They can be found in particular in museums, be it that of Bardo or even that of Carthage. Even today, the mosaic is a symbol of Tunisian culture which is endlessly available.

Les mosaïques permettent de décorer merveilleusement bien un intérieur, comme un extérieur! On peut aussi y faire figurer des appellations que nous pouvons choisir. Ainsi, certaines maisons possèdent des mosaïques contenant le nom de leurs familles.

La plupart des mosaïques tunisiennes sont faites de bleu, de blanc, et comportent des formes similaires, losanges, carrés, oiseaux, poissons… The mosaics are available through various other objects, whether tables, paintings, benches and benches. They are so popular that they export wonderfully internationally for customers from France, Canada and the United States.


The Philosophy

We strive to spread The Tunisian Mosaic Art to the World. Here it was born and from here we want that it shine to the vision of Humanity