Portfolio Cowhide and Leather Made Carpets

Our company is looking continuous to make new projects

Today, Carthage Arts and Deals strive to import new ideas from the abstract art to the carpet industry. This item is main in the decoration of your home and office.

Now users are deeply oriented to simplicity and ovoid the deep loading of colors, that’s why our designers aims to use the most solid material to achieve this goal of interior designers who looks for items to adapt to their different projects.

Cowhide carpet, this magical piece made with  delicacy is the secret key for luxurious decoration projects, the colors combine black, brown and white, and sometimes grey allow to integrate the carpet with any need to make your home space more attractive, bring easy ideas in mind to apply and make changes more easy to go.

Today our company is focused to innovate the materials and the methods, the process of production. Handicrafters invite their deep experience dealing with leather to offer our clients the best items, they do not prevent any effort they can make to show unique pieces of art for excellent clients of Carthage Arts and Deals

Project Info

Project Date: 25.06.2019

Project Budget: 10.000 USD

Materials: Pure Cowhide