Soft handmade Plaid Linen

it is a bath towel also known as a hammam towel or hammam towel: it is a 100% cotton bathroom linen woven with hand-braided fringes, which makes the Fouta a real artisanal creation.

The Fouta Towel has been very popular in the Hammam of Tunisia thanks to its lightness: it is easy to take the fouta without being overwhelmed. Not to mention its super fast drying!
The Fouta has now conquered the West thanks to its originality and the many advantages it offers:

– a large size (1 m by 2 m)
– a great lightness (weight of 400 gr on average)
– high drying and absorption capacity
– an original style: oriental fringes, stripes, colored band …

– 100% cotton woven with a thickness of 1mm => guaranteed space saving!

Our Foutas are varied and consist of several models:

– Plate or Honeycomb as explained below
– Sponge lined: one side of the Fouta towel is lined with a fine, soft and fluffy sponge to provide even more drying, and softness to the fouta for use on a deckchair or a sofa in your living room
– The Maxi (XL) and the Giant (XXL): this kind of large Foutas is appreciated as a bed or sofa throw, as a bedspread, sheet, tablecloth, picnic fouta …
– The Mini (Small Fouta / Guest Fouta / Hand Towel): this small Fouta is ideal in the bathroom as a hand towel or even in the kitchen as a tea towel / napkin
– The Child Fouta: similar to the basic Fouta, this fouta is readjusted via a special child size: 140/70 cm in general on average.

The Fouta has several types of weaving:

– Flat: a weave that offers a smooth all-cotton fouta
– Honeycomb: this weave offers an embossed fouta with a honeycomb cotton fabric, therefore slightly softer and softer.
– The Fouta exists in striped, plain, with white or colored band, and several models are unique and are only sold with us

We have also declined in Fouta in everyday accessories:
– Bathrobe
– Children’s Poncho
– Maxi beach bags
– The Duffel Bag with Shoulder Strap
– Unique and original Gift Boxes: Fouta, assorted case, black soap, hammam basket, scrub glove, bath salts, room fragrance, floral soap, rassoul treatment, guest fouta, printed fouta …