Wood can make beauty Any Material can do it

Carthage Arts and Deals believe that all materials can make the difference to the lady beauty. Even the most robust and rude ones can create something different to make a woman shine and feel a star using her accessory. We diverted the usual knowledge of things to make the abnormal as a trend and even the best choice for the people who believe in the creation.

Last year we started a new project to spread our international presence with innovation using wood as a main material to produce very special bags. We added a new concept for it and we break up with the thinking that wood is used to produce home furniture or to be used in industrial projects.

This beauty bag comes with everything you need to feel like the prettiest pebble on the beach. Inside the aquatically designed carrying case, you’ll find: foundation, compact mirror, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, perfume, comb, and face cream.

Each piece is made from solid cuts of wood that have been smoothed down and decorated with water-based safe paints.

Today, with this new vision we bring to market .. Wood can make beauty