October 7, 2020

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Tunisia: the dates sector anticipates export difficulties in 2020/2021 due to the coronavirus. In Tunisia, the dates industry is expecting a difficult 2020/2021 season in terms of exports. Authorities say shipments of the fruit are expected to be affected due to the consequences of the coronavirus despite abundant production.

While the authorities anticipate good production with 335,000 tonnes of dates at the end of the said season, the marketing of the fruit could experience difficulties.

As a result, the dates industry will be impacted by the economic slowdown linked to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

exporters are still reluctant to engage in date purchases from producers due to their financial weakness, even though sales are already starting between June and July. By the way for low volume orders and importers who strive for the price they can make very interesting deals for this year not only profiting from competitive budgets of purchase but also the quality. The same trend will be for olive oil, the market expect a shut down in the prices and sales.

Regarding the foreign market, the National Office of Oils believes that there will be no significant variations to report in the price level compared to the last few weeks.

And to indicate that prices have remained unchanged especially in Spain where the good weather conditions in March and recent rains predicted good flowering in most of the production regions.

This could improve production forecasts for the next season.

However, olive oil activities have slowed across the Mediterranean basin, due to the coronavirus pandemic. For small businesses, operations have become scarce among small traders and producers, cooperatives and oil mills.

On the other hand, since stocks are high and above normal in the hands of packers and manufacturers, there is little interest in purchasing. Overall, the Office concludes, there is a context of great uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 virus, with an uncertain impact on the demand for olive oil in the world.

The value of Tunisian olive oil exports increased by 28%, at the end of February 2020, to reach 371 million dinars, compared to the same period of the past year, according to data published on 3 last April, by Cepex.

It should be remembered that Tunisia recorded a record production of olive oil, during the 2019-2020 campaign, of around 350,000 tonnes.

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