Svetlana Nafeti

Svetlana Nafeti

Svetlana began her professional career in the Medical field as Physiotherapist in the Ural region of the Russian Federation.

She got a fast and deep track in the field of rehabilitation sport Medicine and  certified in DENS therapy ( Dynamic Electro Neuro Stimulation : the new seperate method of medicine )  from the university of Moscow. She worked also in Cosmetology, revitalization and gerontology.

In 2014, she visited Tunisia as a tourist and she admired the Mediterranean culture. She considered it as the best lifestyle worldwide. When riding traditional markets and museums, roads and cities in the country, the idea of spreading this way of life to the world sparkled in her mind and she decided to be a part with her husband in the project of Carthage Arts and Deals. She aims and she believes that items made by Tunisian handicrafters can make a huge and noticeable changes for home decoration, Fashion and Beauty Industry.


Today : Sales Manager with Carthage Arts & Deals Tunisia

Svetlana is focused in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Ex soviet Union Markets.

She is listening the needs of these markets and with the head office she coordinate the innovations to be made in order to adapt our products to the customers projects and plans.

She hold a creative spirit, good listener and communicative person making her the right person for high scale projects. A hard worker and leader who goes to the peak of things to make huge changes and results in this field of daily creativity.