Walid Nafeti

Walid Nafeti

Walid Nafeti has a fast track in travel industry with long experience with travel agencies and international Tour operators. It was not just a profession for him but more a passion and a source of pleasure.

Graduated in Marketing, he concluded his higher education with a Bachelor Degree from the University of Tunis.

His studies with experience in tourism and skills in web development let him decided with his wife to share with people the wealth of the Mediterranean art works and the value they bring to their lives.

Today : Manager and CEO with Carthage Arts & Deals Tunisia

He is charged to supply the products made by our handicrafters . it entails the selection of goods, export and logistic process . The financial aspect includes the processing of purchasing and sales invoicing, payments etc.

Mr. Walid Nafeti has a significant skills in negotiating the prices to adapt to the needs of our customers. So with him .. be sure you will get the best deals.